Instagram Hashtags Not Working? They Could be Banned.

Having  a consistent and strategic hashtag strategy is critical to success on Instagram. But what if your Hashtags are not working? First of all, let's clarify what "Instagram hashtags not working" actually means. A good indication would be posting and then heading...

Instagram for Realtors: 5 Tips for Lead Generation in 2019

As a real estate agent you are being told "do this" and "do that" all day, every day by countless gurus, more experienced agents and even your brokerage. The reality is there are only so many hours in a day. You can't possibly do ALL the real estate lead generation...

Worksheet: 30 Social Media Campaign Marketing Ideas to Boost Engagement

Let's face it, coming up with clever social media campaign marketing ideas can be exhausting! To be successful on Instagram you need to be posting regularly, but posting what?! Stop the overwhelm and guesswork, we've got ya covered! Download our FREE Social Media...

How to Get Your Posts Seen on Instagram

Today we're going to talk about Instagram! Not just anything with Instagram - we could go on for hours - or days - about all the things about Instagram! What I wanted to share with you today is about how to boost your followers, get more people seeing your posts and...

Why Client Appreciation Events for Realtors are a Must

In an increasingly digital world full of thumbs up, double taps and face-swapping filters people are feeling less and less like they belong. While it is regularly cited as THE most primitive need we as humans crave, it’s also the one we’re losing touch with....

Why Realtors Must Create a Unique Value Proposition to Survive

Let's dive in...why you must create a unique value proposition: Nearly 80% of the businesses in the world today are small businesses. On a daily basis I'm sure you interact with several, if not a dozen. So why do so many businesses fail despite having a great product...

SEO & Local Search

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Securing that #1 – or even first page – result on Google can be a game changer for your firm. It brings in leads, builds credibility and even cements your authority within your niche.

SEO & Local SearchWhile it’s a solid and much-needed strategy for your business, it can also be extremely frustrating. Let’s face it, Google can be pretty finicky.

One day you’re #1 – and the next page 3 all because of yet another “update”.

At TheShift.Agency, we take the hassle out of SEO and local search so you can focus on what you do best – help your clients. NOT whack-a-mole.

Our comprehensive SEO strategy includes advanced keyword research, Google Map citations, and rank tracking to monitor your progress.

We’ll also check in with you regularly to share wins and keep you up to date on upcoming changes that might affect your progress. And don’t worry – we’ll have a plan already in place to handle any new updates Google throws at us.

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