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Most clients are usually at their wits end with copywriters by the time they get to us, we get it. It can be crazy frustrating.

We promise to be different. Here at TheShift.Agency we deliver high level strategy and optimization, coupled with the psychological know how necessary to get in the head of your buyers. And this means you can sell more, easier. 

As a freelance copywriter with 15+ years of experience and over $300 million of products and services sold, we know a thing or two about direct response copywriting and how to persuade even the coldest of traffic to become raving fans with just a few scrolls.  

Here’s a few of the ways we can help you do that:

Marketing Funnel Strategy

We have 15 years experience building marketing funnels from scratch, BOTH large and small.

That hard won experience also comes in handy when diagnosing why your existing funnel isn’t generating the revenue you had hoped.

In addition to creating the overall strategy for your marketing funnel and writing the direct response copy, we can also assist with set-up in your software of choice. 


We’ll go through your product or service with a fine-toothed comb, and figure out every possible selling angle, as well as what makes it unique.

Then, we analyze your audience and perfect buyer and create sales messaging that uses exactly the right selling angle and USP to resonate with your audience.

Not only will we write kick ass copy that directly impacts your bottom line, but we give you alternate headlines and leads to test. Why? Because we want to earn ALL your business – not just this project.

Landing Pages

Are you are spending hard earned cash to drive traffic to your offer? If so, it is vital that you have a conversion focused landing page in place to protect your investment.

Regardless of whether you are taking that first step to growing your list or working to beat your current sales record, your landing page needs to be tailored to that specific task and audience.

Not sure how the landing pages fit into your overall marketing funnel? Just ask! 

Webinar Scripts

If you’re looking to build an audience and become one of the standout brands in your market, webinars are a MUST.

Also, they’re a great way to sell your products at very high volume with minimal effort and expense. We’ll walk you through exactly how to do that!

And yes…we can script as either a one-time event or evergreen. We’ll even give you a few alternate headlines because we are all about the split testing.


Video Sales Letters (VSL)

Pound for pound probably the most effective way to sell whatever it is you’re selling.

According to AWAI, 97% of marketers find that video helps improve viewers’ understanding of the company’s product or service. 

If you haven’t added VSLs to your marketing arsenal, now is the time. Length can vary from a few minutes to almost an hour and we consult to help you find your project’s sweet spot.


Emails serve as a lifeline to your customers, your prospects, and your online audience. 

Whether you are trying to win over cold traffic, re-activate an audience you’ve lost touch with, or simply stay top of mind, we can craft an engaging and effective email strategy that ensures you’re getting maximum value out of your email list.

So yea, you need a good soap opera sequence? Np, we’ll make your emails click-worthy. 

Offer Evaluation & Strategy

Product not selling? Wondering how other people are managing to get premium prices while you’re stuck in the bargain basement?

Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s your offer. Let us re-strategize and figure it out for you.

*Be sure to check out our 7 Quick Steps To A Better Offer ebook.



If somebody likes you enough to buy one of something, then they probably like you enough to buy more. You need Upsells and Cross-sells.

We’ll work with you to figure out what they should be, and help you put them in place to maximize your revenue. 

Spoiler alert: A good Upsell can double your bottom line. Do I have your attention now?

Split Testing & Conversion Optimization

The day your offer goes live should be the worst performing day it ever has. Why? There are dozens of variables that can have a significant impact on your bottom line, if you’re not checking them you’re leaving money on the table.

Not sure where to start? You’re 4 simple tests from doubling your revenue. Ask us what they are!

Social Media Ads

Have your irresistible offer locked and loaded and ready to go? Time to start driving traffic!

If you’re planning on using social media ads to reach your target audience you want to make sure your copy is consistent and follows the correct chain of persuasion.

We craft compelling copy for your ads whether your goal is to build awareness, reinforce your brand, stay top of mind, or any other objective you may have.

Lead Capture Pages

Similar to a landing page, but the sole focus on this page is to capture leads – not sales

These workhorses are often an entry point for your marketing funnel and designed to grab attention, reduce friction, and elicit trust ALL while providing tremendous value to your prospect. 

Both copywriting and page layout are critical to success. Let us help!

Direct Mail

No, it’s not dead. Yes, it still works. Better than ever, actually. We’ll help you with the messaging you need to not only get eyeballs on your offers, but to actually get your prospects to take action too.

When everyone is zigging to get noticed online, you can zag your mail to their mailbox.

This can be incredibly effective in B2B outreach and for niche markets that respond best to high touch campaigns.

Can't quite figure out why your offer isn't raking in the dough? Grab this freebie ASAP!



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