How to Get Your Posts Seen on Instagram

How to Get Your Posts Seen on Instagram

Today we’re going to talk about Instagram!

Not just anything with Instagram – we could go on for hours – or days – about all the things about Instagram!

What I wanted to share with you today is about how to boost your followers, get more people seeing your posts and how to leverage the platform for lead generation.

Instagram is has gone through some tremendous changes in 2018 and the old API is being completely phased out at the end of this year. The new API will be completely phased in in 2019.

This is a good thing! One of the major changes that Instagram has made is there a limiting who gets to use their API.  A lot of third-party tools are huge time-savers and they can really help you utilize your account. BUT there’s also a lot of third-party apps that people are using that are just strictly for spamming. They create a lot of junk content on the platform that we would all love to get rid of.

For example, tools that do the mass following and unfollowing. I’m sure you guys have dealt with before! It’s where you have a random person you have no idea who they are and then all of a sudden they follow you and unfollow you. Then maybe a couple weeks later they follow you again and then unfollow you and you’re like what in the world is going on with this person??

This is the exact kind of behavior Instagram wants to weed out. The people that continue to use those strategies are going to be marked as spam and they’re not going to have as much visibility on the platform.

So this is a GOOD thing because it opens up a tremendous amount of opportunity for people who are genuinely using a platform to collaborate and connect with people.  

Instagram for Realtors: Get Your Posts Seen on InstagramOne of the ways that you can jump ahead of the curve and stand out and become an “Instagram darling” that the algorithm will just love you is a strategy I like to call Radical Engagement.

It’s not complicated, it’s very simple. It does take a little bit more time than you might normally spend on an Instagram post, but it’s worth it.  

The strategy starts with you sharing a post. It can be a regular post,  a story or you can even do a live video.

Make sure you do it during an optimal time where people are going to be able to see the post. This is most commonly during the middle of the week during the daytime before 8pm – just not 2am, okay?

Then, whenever someone comments on that post immediately like it, comment back and then (this is the radical engagement part) go to their profile and like/comment on one of their posts.  

When you go through this process, time is of the essence! You want to make sure you complete this entire strategy within 45 minutes of originally receiving the comment on your post.

What this trick does is tell Instagram, “Hey! I’m engaging with people! I know this person and this is of value to the feed. I’m honoring the system! I’m honoring the algorithm! Please reward by letting more people see my post.”

Follow this strategy every single time you post. Each time you do it it creates a snowball effect where Instagram is realizing “Wow, this person is using the platform exactly how we intended! This is a star Instagram user and we want to reward them. Let’s make sure everybody sees their post because they’re going to engage and they’re going to make this environment that we all want!”

Also, you can do this kind of the reverse way as well if you have someone that you follow and you’re really looking to get their attention.

For example, say they have a lot of followers and are considered media influencer in your area. In real estate, they might be an interior designer in your town that is always posting really great content.  

Whenever they have a post that is relevant, make sure that you like it, comment and you can even tag somebody else in the comment or reference something on your own feed. Basically you want to provide a meaningful and engaging comment that is a conversation starter.  

To help further the connection, you can even direct message. For example, “I saw you did a really nice remodel on a house in Tarrytown. I have a listing there, curious what your favorite thing about the neighborhood is?” Anything really to help build the the connection.

The results are two-fold. For starters, you’re going to get more visibility with that person. And secondly, you’re encouraging Instagram to make sure you see each other’s posts. You’re telling the algorithm, “We’re friends please keep us connected!”

Once this has happened a couple of times it becomes very natural to want to stay connected and collaborate in real life. Voila! The snowball effect once again.

Ultimately, you can help leverage each other’s audiences to grow your platform, grow your business and use Instagram for lead generation through cross-promotion.

My final 2 cents: Don’t hesitate to put yourself out there! Real estate is all about trust. When you share your unique personality you’re building your personal brand and showcasing your involvement in the community. In no time you’ll be turning followers into clients and then raving fans! You got this!

Let me know, did you try the strategy? How did it work for you?

Why Client Appreciation Events for Realtors are a Must

Why Client Appreciation Events for Realtors are a Must

In an increasingly digital world full of thumbs up, double taps and face-swapping filters people are feeling less and less like they belong.

While it is regularly cited as THE most primitive need we as humans crave, it’s also the one we’re losing touch with. Literally.

Recent research from the American Journal of Preventive Health found, “people who visited social media platforms most frequently, 58 visits per week or more, had more than three times the odds of perceived social isolation than those who visited fewer than nine times per week.”

In other words, your clients are craving interaction and a feeling of belonging whether you realize it or not.

Virtual hugs and high fives can only get you so far in the race to build your business. At some point you must slowly step away from the keyboard and make time for good old fashioned belly to belly relationship building.

Don’t believe me? Check the latest growth statistics for flat-fee real estate companies. Consumers are okay with you not being personable with them, they’re just NOT okay with paying more than 1% for it. If you want to consider yourself a full service broker with a full service commission payout, you must do what others won’t.

That means calling them on their birthday. Facebook messaging them you hope they enjoy their Anniversary getaway. And – most importantly – create opportunities for them to get face time with you in real life.

We are at crossroads in the real estate industry. Market centers are becoming cloud based. Apps can open doors for showings. Contracts can be completed via text. And consumers can buy a home sight unseen as easy as they can order takeout.

But guess what technology CAN’T do? It can’t share in a well deserved champagne toast after navigating a nightmarish option period. It can’t organize a bake sale to raise money for the local childrens’ shelter. It also can’t gather a group of local business owners to chat about the next Farmers Market entertainment while sipping a hearty stout brewed with pride at the local brewery.

And I’m sure you’re thinking, but of course my clients will remember me? Of course they’ll recommend me to their friends and family? Well, yes and no. Yes, they will say they will. No, they probably won’t actually use you again. According to the National Association of Realtors, 67% of homeowners say they would absolutely use the same Realtor again. The reality is that only 23% do. If you want to beat those dismal 23% odds, you must find ways to keep the relationship going after the sale.

Client Appreciation events are the last stronghold Realtors have against the technology onslaught that chips away at client loyalty. The smart Realtors who will survive this new chapter in the real estate industry are the ones who chose to do what technology can’t.

Celebrating and honoring your clients isn’t the only thing you can do better than an algorithm, but it is quite possibly the easiest.

Whether your have 0 clients or 100, a $50 or $5,000 budget, big city resources or a handful of mom and pop stores at your disposal – you can host an event that gets people talking, sharing and most importantly TOGETHER.

With the holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity. You can organize a winter craft market promoting local artisans, a Winter Wonderland family event with Santa photos or host a Great Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway.

Big or small, get out there and show your clients just how much you appreciate them. You owe it to your clients and yourself to keep the real in real estate.

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