About Heather Schuck

Heather is the modest marketing genius best known for building Glamajama, a $14 million dollar fashion empire from her kitchen table.

Building Glamajama put Heather on the map and had her company featured on TV shows such as Good Morning America, Oprah, Fox & Friends, Only in America, and Access Hollywood.

And her lauded work/life balance book “The Working Mom Manifesto” regularly sees Heather quoted in the “serious” business magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

Heather also has a wealth of experience in industries as varied as finance, vintage wine investments, and real estate. She consulted with one of the major real estate teams here in Austin and was able to more than double their revenue in 18 months.

Heather’s success in multiple businesses and industries means she can give you the best possible strategy in your industry – the one nobody else thought of.

It’s with these skills that Heather allows you to find the uniqueness in your business and your offering. One of the biggest reasons business and products fail is that they try to do the same thing everybody else is doing.

When others are zigging, Heather will tell you how to become THE brand by being the guys that ZAG instead.

My Specialities:

  • Brand Strategy and Licensing
  • Consumer Product Distribution
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Marketing and Strategy
  • Sales Strategy and Positioning
  • Innovation and Company Re-branding

Industry Experience:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Retail and Ecommerce
  • Wellness and Fitness

About David Raybould

David’s been a successful direct response copywriter and marketing consultant for the best part of 15 years.

In that time he’s helped hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries sell thousands of different types of products… everything from Safe Pregnancy Courses to health supplements to underwater photography. He also has extensive experience running traffic and buying media, sending thousands of clicks a day to various offers.

The funny thing about doing this kind of work for so many different clients over the years is that it lets you see what works and what doesn’t work for hundreds of different businesses, on a pretty grand scale.

This gives David a unique insight into what business model works for what industry, and how each specific funnel should be created.

He specializes in the type of persuasive messaging you need in order to sell your products at EXTREMELY high volume, by your ideal buyer. His sales pages and video scripts have sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods.

David brings his own “secret sauce” to the table, with a unique approach to split testing and optimization. Not only will his messaging help you maximize your chances of a sale with every potential visitor, you’ll also be left with the know-how to keep the improvements going.

The truth is that the first day your offer goes live should be the LEAST profitable day – your conversions should only ever increase from there. But to make that happen, you have to test!

My Specialities:

  • Digital Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Direct Response Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy and Funnels
  • High Converting Sales Messages
  • Page Conversion Optimization
  • Copywriting Coaching

Industry Experience:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Retail and Ecommerce
  • Security

She is tremendously giving, and understands that we are all in this world together: that succeeding while others fail is a hollow success. She strives to share her enthusiasm and her hard-won knowledge with others, and to promote the brave behaviors that lead to success in her friends and fans. She understands that you make a living by what you get, but that you make a life by what you give. She’s a self-starter, a generous business owner, a terrific mom, and deserves recognition for her work across so many areas.

Steve Wolf

Owner, Wolf Stuntworks

Heather Schuck is a brilliant entrepreneurial live wire brimming with energy, passion, and a surprisingly gritty, uncannily prescient, get-it-done know-how. 

Christie Schultz

Heather is the perfect example of determination and desire being the most important business tools one can possess. At a young age, she built a brilliant company through vision, perseverance, and leadership. She is a true business leader.

Thomas McFeeley

Director of Public Relations, TopFire Media, Inc

Dave — the webinar you wrote us for Traffic Titan made $70,000 the first day we ran it – and that’s before we’ve rolled out to our JV partners! Thanks a lot!

Alex Shelton

Owner, TheRenegadeMillionaire.tv

Every once in a while, a writer stumbles onto my radar with the chops, the attitude and the ambition to do great things… that all reminds me of myself in my early career days.

It’s a rare combination that is actually required for any writer daring to go deep into the world of crazed entrepreneurs and ditzy biz owners… where you can be eaten alive if you’re not willing to do the hard work behind making projects wildly successful.

David Raybould is one of those dudes.

I’ve hired him to work closely with me on multiple projects, asked him to be a coach in the Simple Writing System program, recommended him to clients without hesitation… and assigned him the nickname ‘Flashman’ (one of the highest honors in my inner circle of writers and marketing wizards).

Pray he doesn’t go to work for your competition

John Carlton

The Most Respected & Ripped Off Copywriter Alive, John-Carlton.com

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