You’re not doing as well as you should be. You’ve got a great idea, but you’re not getting as many sales as you want. The customers you do get aren’t turning into repeat buyers. New products don’t create the buzz they should, and existing products aren’t exactly generating a sales Tsunami.

And that’s frustrating. You know your products are solid. You KNOW there’s a demand. But you’re still not making the sales you think you should be.

So you do the only thing you can do. You lower your prices. You start cutting corners… and before you know it, your business is shrinking, rather than growing.

Sound familiar?

We create the psychology-infused marketing messaging and strategy you need to stop that. Using that special sauce, we’re able to bridge the gap between what you’re trying to sell and what your ideal customer actually wants to buy.

You can probably already imagine how much easier that makes your life.

You get more sales. You’re able to sell for higher prices. You get more repeat business and referrals, which gives you higher lifetime customer value. You get business GROWTH, instead of stagnation.

I’m glad you asked.

There are specific reasons that more people aren’t buying your products.

Your messaging isn’t resonating with them. You’re not positioning the product in the right way. You’re not pulling the right psychological levers to make your brand stand out as unique in your field. You’re not telling prospects what they need to hear to make a purchase decision. I could go on, but you get the point.

Don’t feel bad. Most people are making those same mistakes. Whenever a business isn’t seeing as many sales as they’d like, it comes down to a gap in one of the things I just mentioned.

We help you avoid those gaps.

We know how to get into the head of your target audience. We know how to turn your products into irresistible offers that are so enticing people will actually be EXCITED to buy from you.

And we know how to make them BUY NOW… rather than add you to a wish list, or “come back later.” Because let’s face it, later never comes.

We use our “secret sauce” formula to achieve those things.

  • 2 parts psychology-infused buying triggers 
  • 1 part storytelling
  • 1 part science, the 7 major human motivators
  • 1 part Neuropsychology Degree

Mix it all together with a combined 30 years experience and thousands of different products sold in dozens of industries, and you begin to get an idea of what we can do for you.

More buyers. More upsells. More cross sells. More profit. Higher LTVs… it goes on and on.

“Every once in a while, a writer stumbles onto my radar with the chops, the attitude and the ambition to do great things… that all reminds me of myself in my early career days.”

“It’s a rare combination that is actually required for any writer daring to go deep into the world of crazed entrepreneurs and ditzy biz owners… where you can be eaten alive if you’re not willing to do the hard work behind making projects wildly successful.

David Raybould is one of those dudes.

I’ve hired him to work closely with me on multiple projects, asked him to be a coach in the Simple Writing System program, recommended him to clients without hesitation… and assigned him the nickname ‘Flashman’ (one of the highest honors in my inner circle of writers and marketing wizards).

Pray he doesn’t go to work for your competition.”

John Carlton

The Most Respected & Ripped Off Copywriter Alive

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