The Only Planner Designed Especially For Realtors So You Can Fill Your Pipeline & Grow Your Sphere

Our Social Success Daily Strategy Planner for Realtors is your secret weapon to dominating social media in 2019.

No more guessing WHAT to say, HOW to say it or WHEN to say it – we’ve figured it all out for you!

  • Add 1200 leads to your database in the next 12 months – 1200 new leads could be life changing for any Realtor!
  • Publish 12 GREAT blog posts branding you as the neighborhood expert for all the Real Estate needs in your area
  • Send 12 value-packed newsletters to your sphere so they’ll keep you top of mind and think of you as “their” Real Estate Agent
  • Develop an army of Social Media followers who actually READ and take action on your posts
  • Know exactly what to do to grow your business every day – it’s like having a secret weapon for dominating on social media.

And there’s so much more…

You’ll get 52 weekly tips, and those alone could change your business for the better. You’ll see how to get free publicity from your local paper, how to make your listing presentations WAY more effective, how to become the GO-TO Realtor for large corporations in your area…

… and another 49 tips that are just as juicy and just as life changing.

There’s also a monthly lead tracker – you’ll always be on top of your contacts and you’ll never forget to follow up with somebody ever again.

The planner also contains a list of 100% free tools you can use to create catchy and professional looking social media posts, as well as a social media inspiration sheet so you ALWAYS know what to post.

And on top of all that you’ll get a comprehensive list of Real Estate #hashtags so you’ll never struggle to think of the right one ever again

The Social Success Daily Planner For Realtors gives you all the tools you need to become a force on Social Media and brand yourself as the local expert and bring new people into your sphere every single day.

What would your business be like if you had 1200 new contacts in the next 12 months?

This revolutionary planner is designed to get the busy, on-the-go agent to that point. You’ll always know what to do and when to do it, and you’ll always have all your ducks in a row.

If you follow the prompts and guidelines in the planner your business will change dramatically.

Get it now to make 2019 into the year you’ve always wanted.

What’s Included?

Social Media Growth Tracker

Our Growth Tracker helps you keep “your eye on the ball” with monthly tracking of where you’ve been – and where you are going. Once you start seeing those numbers go up, up and up! you’ll never put social lead generation on the back burner again.

Monthly Success Action Items

Success doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by taking ACTION. Our Monthly Action Items worksheet helps you identify key tasks that will directly move you closer to your goals. 

Facebook Advertising Tracker

Questioning whether your Facebook advertising campaigns are effective or not? Find out! Stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t produce leads, our campaign effectiveness worksheet saves you money. 

Social Media Inspiration Worksheet

Our monthly Social Media Inspiration worksheet has 30 Topic Suggestions to help you brainstorm posts for the month. No more boring repeats posted out of desperation – you’ll be serving up fresh content daily!

Monthly Lead Tracker

Always know where you stand with each lead and referral. This At-a-Glance worksheet keeps you focused and gives you an easy to read snapshot of your sales pipeline. Use this sheet to hold yourself accountability to your GCI goals and never miss another opportunity!

Monthly Content Planner

Why struggle to map out and plan your blog posts and newsletters when you can have a handy guide that defines your topics, keywords, Call to Action (CTA), Images and Promotions? This time saver ensures your content creation efforts are both effective AND efficient.

Ready to Grow Your Business on Social?

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Guess what? There's still a ton more value included!

The Social Success : Daily Strategy Planner for Real Estate is jam-packed with tools and resources that will save you time, keep you motivated and help you stay on track with not only your social media goals – but your real estate goals as well!

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And what’s an even better added benefit? 

Support from our amazing Community!

You’re not just buying a daily planner – you’re investing in yourself, joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs  and securing access to a team of marketing experts. You will never feel all alone to tackle marketing, we are here to support you!

There’s nothing quite like the joy of a fresh, new planner. It symbolizes re-birth, the hope of a brighter tomorrow and the excitement of new challenges and successes yet to come.

I want you to carry that joy and optimism with you throughout this upcoming year. Day in, and day out – I want you to feel energized, hopeful and inspired.

As you know, life can get in the way of even our best laid plans. Unforeseen setbacks, sick kids, difficult economic climates, the list goes on.

Promise me – when those little hiccups start to get you down, reach out to us at TheShift.Agency.

Our little corner of the internet is full of Realtors and entrepreneurs just like you. We are here to inspire, steady you when you stumble and lift you back up if you fall. Don’t hesitate to count on us, because we are definitely counting on you!

                                                                             Much love & success,


                                                                                                Founder, TheShift.Agency

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