Instagram Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

Here’s How Any Realtor Can Generate Unlimited Leads From Instagram In Just 30 Minutes A Day

In our 5 Day Challenge, I’ll teach you HOW to build a lead generation strategy for Instagram, WHERE to find your ideal clients and WHAT you must do to convert them into leads.



  • How to Farm using Instagram and attract your ideal clients TO YOU
  • Avoid this #1 Mistake & Learn the Right Mindset for Farming
  • Learn the Key to Creating a Foundation for Farming that Gets Follows
  • How to Find (and Farm) Your Ideal Client without being overly sales-y
  • Tips to Increase Visibility and Credibility with Followers
  • How to Use the Step-by-Step Farming Action Plan
  • Get Un-stuck Using our Social Media Caption Formula
It has helped me get a more targeted audience and keeps me top of mind. I had an old colleague reach out with a referral over Instagram because my post reminded him I’m a Realtor in the Austin area. Melissa Wile



My favorite thing about this class is that I don’t have that feeling of not knowing what to post any more. Bridget Guess


If you’re a Realtor who’s sick and tired of being stuck on the “Farming” Hamster wheel, the next few minutes could change everything for you.

I know that sounds cheesy, but this is a short page so pay attention and I really will show you how to Farm Instagram in just 30 minutes a day.

Picture that for a moment – no more wasting time Farming with old fashioned methods… no more postcards, no more door knocking or cold calls.

Instead you do everything from your phone using Instagram, and it doesn’t cost you a single penny!

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t even have an Instagram account right now. These techniques will help you grow quickly from scratch, or turn your current IG account into a lead gen machine.

This is a 5 day online class that’s delivered to you automatically. You can login right now, and the lessons are available online 24/7.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why Instagram and Why Now
  • Where to find those ideal clients on Instagram, and how to effortlessly build a real connection with them and have them choose you as their agent
  • Why Instagram is the PERFECT place to find both buyers and sellers, and why it doesn’t matter if right now you don’t even have an account or you only have a few followers 
  • How to get Instagram themselves to promote you to your ideal clients and have them following you!
  • The proven strategy that allows you to turn Instagram into a lead gen system that takes just 30 mins a day

Just 5 days from now you’ll know EXACTLY how to Farm using Instagram, and you could even be getting your first leads already. 

I get it I get it – sounds great, but a course like this will probably cost you a fortune, right? 


Originally priced at $27.00, I’m offering you a SPECIAL OFFER if you ACT FAST!

Instead of $27.00, you can get access to the course right now for JUST $7

Yes you read that right – THAT’S ALL! 

So you’ve got two choices right now.

You could spend that seven dollars on a fancy cup of coffee and a muffin, or you can spend it learning to do lead gen on your phone in just 30 minutes a day – and probably get way more leads than you’re getting currently, and revolutionize your entire business. 

Seven bucks to revolutionize your business? If you think about it like that it’s a no-brainer. 

Click the button below to enroll now for just $7.00, and you can get started immediately!

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